Patents possessing composition of matter claims were filed in December 1997 and the first granted in November 1998. The patent protection for the compounds is considered to be very robust, with 15 patents issuing between October 1998 and May 2004. Additional patents are in the examination process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) or are in the publication process. Patents are also in process in numerous other geographies. Only those United States Patents that are both granted and in the public domain are listed here.

Each of the patents listed below may be downloaded in its entirety (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

U.S. Patents with Composition-of-Matter Claims:

6,063,809 (1,487k)
6,054,477 (1,427k)
6,255,337 (998k)

U.S. Patents with Pharmaceutical and Other Method-of-Use Claims:

6,248,776 (3,363k)
6,162,479 (1,423k)
6,309,687 (1,415k)

U.S. Patent with Computer-Aided Drug Design Claims:

6,476,066 (3,360k)

U.S. Patents with Natural-Product Type or Miscellaneous Claims:

5,820,915 (881k)
6,124,477 (1,606k)
5,962,044 (886k)
5,990,154 (962k)
5,993,887 (385k)

U.S. Patents with Synthesis Claims:



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